Marc de Ladoucette is an editor of prestigious porcelain objects for 10 years. Thanks to the confidence of Claude Picasso and Christine Pinault, the collection comes today with 10 exceptional masterpieces of the Master, drawings, etchings, lithographs, and wash chosen for their elegance, purity and joy. Printed and placed by hand in our workshops in Limoges these art objects accompany us on a daily basis, they reach our emotions, our dreams …

I wanted to give a new interpretation of the drawing “The horse trainer”. Instead of closing the draw into the defined frame of the plate, I decided to fragment it to create many perspectives on the masterpiece of Picasso. One can feels here the strength of the line in black and white, an inimitable line. It is also for this reason that I wanted all the plates to be different.´´
Guillaume Delvigne


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